• July 8, 2024

Make Kamlesh Win, Get CM Along with MLA: Chief Minister’s Call for Development and Accountability in Dehra

Make Kamlesh Win, Get CM Along with MLA: Chief Minister’s Call for Development and Accountability in Dehra

Make Kamlesh Win, Get CM Along with MLA: Chief Minister’s Call for Development and Accountability in Dehra

On the final day of election campaigning, the Congress party showcased its strength with massive public meetings in Haripur, Khabli, and Dhaliara within the Dehra assembly constituency. Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu emphasized that the Dehra election is a fight for the honor of the region, urging voters to elect Congress candidate Kamlesh Thakur, thereby gaining not just an MLA but also reinforcing support for the Chief Minister. Sukhu promised that the upcoming state-level Independence Day program would be held in Dehra, with a commitment to resolving the issues faced by the Pong Dam displaced people prior to this event. He criticized former MLA Hoshiar Singh for his lack of development initiatives and for allegedly prioritizing personal interests over public welfare, including using MLA funds for his resort’s road construction while neglecting Dehra’s infrastructure.

The Chief Minister accused Singh of aligning with the BJP in an unsuccessful attempt to topple the elected government, resulting in his resignation and subsequent court battles. Sukhu stated that Singh’s deceptive tactics and neglect of the constituency’s development needs would not fool the people of Dehra this time. He emphasized the increase in Congress MLAs from 34 to 38, projecting further gains to 41, underscoring the public’s rejection of money-driven politics. The Chief Minister highlighted the BJP’s financial mismanagement, blaming former CM Jairam Thakur for leaving Himachal Pradesh with a debt of Rs 85,000 crore, necessitating loans even for interest payments. Despite this financial burden, the Congress government has improved the state’s economy by 20% within a year, generating additional revenue of Rs 2200 crore used to fund various public welfare schemes.

Sukhu detailed numerous initiatives undertaken by the Congress government, including restoring old pension benefits for 1.36 lakh employees, increasing police personnel’s diet money, providing a monthly pension of Rs 1500 to women, adopting 4000 orphan children as “Children of the State,” offering free medical treatment up to Rs 25 lakh for senior citizens, and providing financial and educational support to widows and their children. The government also introduced the Dr. YS Parmar Student Loan Scheme, offering loans at 1% interest for higher education, and is purchasing cow and buffalo milk at competitive rates to support farmers. Future plans include opening Superintendent of Police and SE (PWD) offices in Dehra and constructing an international level zoo, expected to create 2000 local jobs and boost the area’s economy.

The campaign received a boost as several BJP members, including Pradhan Mathura Das and former Pradhan Praveen Kumar Pinka, switched allegiance to the Congress, expressing confidence in Sukhu’s leadership and the party’s ability to address Dehra’s issues. The event was attended by prominent figures such as Agriculture Minister Choudhary Chandra Kumar, Ayush Minister Yadvinder Goma, Tourism Corporation Chairman Raghubir Singh Bali, and several MLAs and dignitaries, reflecting strong intra-party support and unity. The Chief Minister concluded by asserting that Jairam Thakur’s aspirations to become Chief Minister are unrealistic, as the public sees through his false promises and aligns with the Congress’s vision for sustainable development and governance in Dehra.

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