• May 11, 2024

THDC India Limited: Powering the Nation and Empowering the Youth

THDC India Limited: Powering the Nation and Empowering the Youth

THDC India Limited: Powering the Nation and Empowering the Youth

THDC India Limited (THDCIL) reinforces its commitment as a leading power sector enterprise dedicated to the nation’s holistic development. Beyond its core vision of providing clean and affordable 24/7 power supply, THDCIL actively contributes to national development, with a particular focus on Uttarakhand.

This dedication was exemplified by the inauguration of a 3-day International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Applications (ICNAA 2024) & Symposium on Ancient Indian Mathematics. Organized by Pandit Lalit Mohan Sharma Campus, Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University, Rishikesh, the conference brought together eminent faculty members from across the globe to share their expertise.

THDCIL Chairman and Managing Director, Sh. R. K. Vishnoi, highlighted the conference’s significance. He emphasized that it not only explores the frontiers of Nonlinear Analysis but also celebrates the rich heritage of ancient Indian mathematics. THDCIL’s support for academia through various initiatives aligns with this commitment. The conference served as a platform for participants to showcase their technical knowledge on a national and international stage.

Sh. Shallinder Singh, Director (Personnel) of THDCIL, extended a warm welcome to the conference’s esteemed guests. He acknowledged the special honor of the conference being organized in memory of a world-renowned mathematician with humble roots in Uttarakhand. The conference served as a bridge between the past and present, fostering appreciation for the contributions of mathematical stalwarts like Srinivasa Ramanujan, Aryabhata, Bhaskaracharya, Satyendra Nath Bose, and D. R. Kaprekar, while also recognizing the pioneering efforts of engineers like Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, Dr. E. Sreedharan, Sh. K. L. Rao, and Sh. Harvey Slocum.

Underscoring THDCIL’s commitment to social development, Sh. Singh emphasized the power of education in driving progress and innovation. THDCIL’s initiatives include establishing a state-of-the-art Engineering College in Bhagirathipuram, Tehri, to nurture talent in various disciplines. Furthermore, their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) endeavors include running three schools providing quality education to over 850 underprivileged children. They also operate a computer training center to equip youth with job-oriented digital literacy skills. These initiatives demonstrate THDCIL’s dedication to empowering the youth and creating pathways for them to reach their full potential.

In conclusion, THDCIL goes beyond generating power. The company is a committed social partner actively working to build a brighter future for India through education and social development initiatives.

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